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Lakewood's premier ad focused publication.

BP Weekly is an ad publication with proven results of helping local businesses and individuals reach thousands of readers. Our full-color publication helps you get publicity, advertise and connect with local residents. In addition to ad placement, we’re available to help you design your advertisements, promotions, featured properties and classified ads.

Few publications are truly ad focused. Instead of having your ad, promotion, real estate property or classified buried between lengthy articles, consider the ad-only publication and the placement team that takes good care of you. Readers open BP Weekly to read creative ads. What will they discover about you?

  • Moshe Berger
    Whenever we have a new campaign, the first marketing channel we turn to is the BP. What better way to reach our Lakewood audience than with the BP?
    Moshe Berger
    Tzedakah Organization
  • Shira Katz
    I have never had as pleasant an exeperience as I did with the BP Weekly advertising rep. Their customer service is top-notch!
    Shira Katz
    Katz Cosmetics
  • David Klein
    After only three weeks of advertising with the BP, we had gained double the amount of new clients than we had in the past three months alone. I definitely recommend BP as the advertising authority.
    David Klein
    David Furniture